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Pray while holding up the Crucifix (January 12, 2001)

” Raise the Painful Crucifix that I gave you against the forces of darkness and pray this prayer with the sign of the cross. Do this in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. You will win … Say this prayer every day, because it is a great battle. “

O Glorious Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in temptation and terrible battle against the Supremacies and Authorities, against evil spirits. Coming to the aid of man whom the Almighty God created immortal in his image and likeness and redeemed from satanic tyranny at a high price. Lead the battle of the Lord today together with the holy Angels, as you have already defeated the leader of the arrogant angels, Lucifer and his apostate, who were powerless to resist you, nor was there any more room for them in Heaven. That cruel old serpent called the devil or satan, who envies the whole world, is thrown into the abyss with his angels. Beware, this old enemy and murderer of men is encouraged and transformed into an angel of light, curiously traveling the world with all the multitude of evil spirits that have rushed to earth to destroy without a trace the Name of God and His Christ, to enslave, they kill and cast into the eternal curse of the soul for whom the crown of eternal glory is intended. This wicked dragon pours out, like the most impure torrent, poison upon men of perverted minds and corrupt hearts, of the spirit of lies, ungodliness, blasphemy, and contagious breath, and of every vice and immorality.

These very cunning enemies filled and intoxicated the Church with bile and bitterness, the Bride of the Immaculate Lamb, and laid ungodly hands on her most holy possessions. At the Holy Place itself, where the Holy See of St. Peter and the Chair of Truth are established as the light of the world, they have raised the throne of their abominable ungodliness with the corrupt idea that when the Shepherd is struck, the flock can be scattered.

Then rise, invincible Prince, come to the aid of God’s people and bring victory against the attack of lost spirits. He honors you as his Protector and Saint; in your holy glory of the Church as her defense against the insidious forces of hell; to you God has entrusted the souls of men to be brought into heavenly bliss. Pray to the God of peace that He will prevent Satan from keeping us in bondage and harming the Church. Show our prayers before the Most High God so that those who may first obtain grace before the face of the Lord; by overcoming the dragon, the old serpent, which is the devil or satan, he again made him a prisoner of the abyss, so that he would no longer seduce the people. Amen.

R: Behold the cross of the Lord, flee the parties of the adversary.

A: Defeat the lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David.

R: May Your mercy be upon us, O Lord.

A: How we trust in You.

R: Lord, hear my prayer

A: And let my cry come to You.

R: Let’s pray

O God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, we invoke Your Holy Name and as intercessors earnestly seek Your gentleness, so that by the intercession of Mary, always the Virgin, Most Pure and Our Mother and the glorious Holy Michael the Archangel, you may be worthy to help us against Satan and all others. of unclean spirits wandering the world to harm the human race and destroy souls. Amen.

Strong call for protection

Pray while holding up the Crucifix (July 7, 1997)

Adoration! Adoration !! Adoration !!! To you, a powerful weapon.

Adoration Adoration Adoration To Your Precious One


Merciful, Suffering Jesus Christ, pour out Your Precious Blood on souls. Quench our thirst and defeat the enemy. Amen.

Mighty Blood of Salvation, defeat the enemy (3x)


to Recognize the Value of the Price of Their Redemption (Book of Sirach 36: 1-17) (July 20, 2001)

“ Have mercy on us, O Lord, God of all the world, and look upon us and permeate all nations with your fear! Raise your hand against foreign nations to know your power.

How hast thou appeared to us in their sight,

so now in our eyes show yourself great towards them.

To know as we know that there is no God but you, Lord.

Renew the signs and repeat the miracles, glorify your hand and your right hand.

Awaken anger and pour out wrath, bring down the adversary, destroy the enemy.

Hurry, remember the oath, and let your mighty deeds be glorified.

Let a fierce fire devour the survivors

and let the oppressors of thy people perish.

Crush the head of the chief princes who boast:

“There’s no one but us.”

Gather all the tribes of Jacob, and restore to them the inheritance as in the beginning.

Have mercy, O LORD, upon the people that are called by thy name,

Israel, whom you made your firstborn.

Have mercy on your holy city, Jerusalem, your abode.

Fill Zion with thy praise and thy sanctuary with thy glory.

Give witness to your first creatures,

fulfill the prophecies revealed in your name.

Reward those who trust in you, that your prophets may appear true.

Hear, O Lord, the prayer of thy servants

according to the blessing of Aaron upon thy people.

And let everyone on earth know that you are the Lord, the eternal God. “

The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ purifies the Church and washes us to be completely pure . (3x)

Our Father * … Hail Mary * (3x) …… Glory to the Father * (3x)


World, World, World!

Blessed be the holy Name of God.

Blessed Eternal Love.

Blessed Precious Blood.

All glory, honor and thanks to the Crucified Jesus.

Adoration of the Most Holy Trinity.

Amen. Amen. Amen!



He received Barnabas from St. Cecilia

(July 14, 2000)


I dream completely alone

I am completely abandoned

Leaving Me with a crown of thorns

Thus My Heart was pierced, which pierced My Head.

All My people have forsaken Me.


My beloved, My beloved

Where are you, where are you?

This crown of thorns pierced My Soul

Pull out the thorns, have mercy on Me.

Out of love for you, out of love for you,

I died on a cross with a crown of thorns.

I live with thorns again

I am the Suffering Jesus Christ.


My dear Suffering Jesus Christ, Son of the Most High, I fall prostrate before Your Feet with all my nothingness. I revoke all my grave insults against You. Please Lord, have mercy on me. By my sins I support Your anguish during these thousands of years. Watching You hanging alive on the Cross with a terrible crown of thorns, blood mercilessly flooded Your Face, and the thorns of thorns painfully pierced Your tender Holy Face, I feel sorrow for my ungrateful gift of thorns to You. I want to lift the crown of thorns and offer the golden crown with a lot of love.

Loving the crown and pressing it to her heart, she prayed .

My Jesus, I have deeply wounded Your Holy Head with a crown of thorns – have mercy on me and forgive your world. My Jesus, You suffer mystical pain and agony from my wicked crown of thorns have mercy on me and forgive your world. Pressing the thorns on her head, she kissed the Feet of the Suffering Jesus Christ on the Cross and prayed. My Suffering Jesus, I feel myself striking Your Holy Head with an iron rod to drive the blades of thorns into Your tender Head. I feel the sound of the blows of the rod and the pain like the thunder strike that disfigures Your undefiled being. Oh! How my callous wickedness has caused pain to You, my Gentle Savior. As I contemplate Your terrible journey to Calvary, I weep bitterly for my wicked crown of thorns on Your Holy Head, the seat of Divine Wisdom. I feel you falling under the Cross with the weight of the Cross helping the thorns penetrate as deep as possible into Your tender brain. I saw myself pulling You and striking Your Holy Head with a spear. Oh! If only I wasn’t the one who did all this to my beloved Savior. I will fight for you.

My Jesus, I have treated You cruelly, forgive me, forgive my world.

I will do everything I can to get the thorns out, from now on in my own way of life. My wickedness kept the crown of thorns on Your Holy Head until Your death to notice that You did not receive any relief from any part of You. Lord, have mercy on me, Christ have mercy on my wickedness. I feel Your Holy Head resting dead in the bosom of Your grieving Mother.

I saw here the united hands of John the Beloved, Mary Magdalene and Your Sorrowful Mother removing my wicked crown of thorns from Your Holy Head with tears of love. I wanted to be one of them – taking off my wicked crown and offering the golden crown of my love for You.

Holding the Crown of Thorns in silence, she looked thoughtfully, and finally prayed:

I present You to myself and promise to carry my cross for You all the days of my life with joy and love. Take the good sides of my sufferings and persecutions which I promise to accept with love as satisfaction for my sins and the sins of the whole world. Beloved Suffering Jesus Christ with this miserable apparition I want to remove my wicked crown of thorns and offer a golden one. With sincere love receive from me this golden crown which I present to You. Amen.

Eternal Father, I have severely insulted You because I have deeply wounded the Holy Head of Your Only Begotten Son, in whom Your grace is all. Have mercy on me, forgive me and forgive your world. Amen. (3 X )

Precious Blood of Jesus Christ , Devotion and Apostolate …

1908 – Devetnica sv. Augustinu (19. – 27. kolovoza)

Devetnica sv. Augustinu (19. – 27. kolovoza)

Uvodna molitva

Za sebe si nas stvorio Bože, i nemirno je srce naše, dok se ne smiri u tebi. Molimo te blagoslovi nas u našoj potrazi za tobom kako bi mogao živjeti u našim životima i voditi nas.

Tražeći Te daj da budemo vjerni tebi Bože, vjerni Kristu, našem Gospodinu i Spasitelju, I vjerni Crkvi I njenim učenjima u pozivu kojeg smo odabrali živjeti I služiti ti.
O sv Augustine divan u svojoj mudrosti I čudesima, Isus ti se objavio kao malo Dijete i povjerio ti tajne presvetoga trojstva. isprosi mi milosti koje molim od svega srca.
Ti koji si bio milosrdan prema sirotim grešnicima, iako nedostojan, ali na slavu Božju isprosi mi milost koju te molim ….

Uvodna molitva… molitva svetog Augustina….
Sv. Augustine nježni i mudri sveče tvoja ljubav za Boga i milosrđe za njegova stvorenja učinili su te dostojnim mudrosti i milosti. Činio si čudesa samo jednom rječju za potrebite i nevoljne.
Ohrabren ovum spoznajom utječem ti se I ja u svojoj nevolji … Iako moja molitva nmožda zahtijeva čudesa, ti si pak svetac čudesa.
O ljubljeni sveti Augustine čije je srce uvijek bilo puno suosjećanja za bližnje, šapni malom Isusu koji ti je toliko volio pričati o svetom Trojstvu, moju potrebu, i moje srce će ti uvijek biti zahvalno.

Oče naš…. Zdravo Marijo… Slava Ocu…..

Sv. Augustine moli za nas!

Molitva svetom Augustinu……Litanije svetom Augustinu……..

Uvodna molitva… molitva svetog Augustina….
O tvorče čudesa sv Augustine, sjeti se kako još nikoga nisi odbio koji se tebi u nevolji utekao. Pun živog povjerenja utječem ti se o ljubljeni prijatelju malog Isusa.
O veliki propovjedniče ne prezri moje molitve već ih iznesi pred prijestolje Svevišnjeg i usliši što te molim ovom devetnicom…..

Oče naš, Zdravo Marijo, Slava Ocu

Sv. Augustine moli za nas!

Molitva svetom Augustinu……Litanije svetom Augustinu……..

Uvodna molitva… molitva svetog Augustina….
O sv Augustine po čijem su raskajanom srcu otkrivene tajne presvetoga Trojstva molim te da milostivo svrneš pogled na mene.
O slavni Augustine rođen pod zaštitom Bezgrešne na blagdan njezina uznesenja na nebo i sada tako moćan u nebu molim te da posreduješ za mene milost …
O veliki čudotvorče posreduj za mene da moja molitva bude uslišana …

Oče naš, Zdravo Marijo, Slava Ocu

Sv. Augustine moli za nas!
Molitva svetom Augustinu……Litanije svetom Augustinu……..

Uvodna molitva… molitva svetog Augustina….
Pozdravljamo te i častimo o moćni pomoćniče sv Augustine. Kršćanski puk s povjerenjem ti se utječe i kuša tvoje nježno milosrđe, mudrost i pomoć u tolikim nevoljama i potrebama, što me ohrabruje da ti se i ja uteknem u ovim mojim nevoljama ovom devetnicom i molim za milost…

Oče naš, Zdravo Marijo, Slava Ocu

Sv. Augustine moli za nas!
Molitva svetom Augustinu……Litanije svetom Augustinu……..

Uvodna molitva… molitva svetog Augustina….
Pozdravljam te ukrasu I slavo kršćanstva. Pozdravljam te veliki sveče, kerube mudrosti i serafe božanske ljubavi.
Radujem se milostima kojima te Gospodin obdario. U poniznosti I povjerenju molim te da mi pomogneš jer znam da te Bog obdario milosrđem ali I moću.
Molim te po ljubavi koji imaš za maloga Isusa, po razgovorima koje ste vodili o otajstvu Presvetoga Trojstva od kojega tražim milost…

Oče naš, Zdravo Marijo, Slava Ocu

Sv. Augustine moli za nas!
Molitva svetom Augustinu……Litanije svetom Augustinu……..

Uvodna molitva… molitva svetog Augustina….
Sveti Augustine, izabran od Boga da propovijedaš Njegovu riječ, Od Njega si primio mudrost koja te učinila poznatim kroz stoljeća.
Isprosi mi od Boga milost da živim po volji Njegovoj da ga s tobom jednom mognem slaviti za sve vjekove.
Molim te sveti Augustine izmoli mi milost koju te molim ovum devetnicom…

Oče naš, Zdravo Marijo, Slava Ocu

Sv. Augustine moli za nas!
Molitva svetom Augustinu……Litanije svetom Augustinu…….

Uvodna molitva… molitva svetog Augustina….
Prvače vjere Kristove, presveti Augustine, slavan po svojoj mudrosti,
Izmoli mi od Gospodina milost koju te molim ovum devetnicom…
O sveti Augustine ljubazan prema onima koji te zazivaju isprosi mi što molim.

Oče naš, Zdravo Marijo, Slava Ocu
Sv. Augustine moli za nas!
Molitva svetom Augustinu……Litanije svetom Augustinu……..

Uvodna molitva… molitva svetog Augustina….
Sveti Augustine pokazao si se toliko moćnim svojim svetim zagovorom, nježnim I milosrdnim za sve one koji te zazivaju u svojim nevoljama.
Molim te poniznog i iskrenog srca da me uzmeš pod svoju zaštitu i da mi isprosiš pomoć u mojoj sadašnjoj potrebi…
Preporuči moje molitve milosrdnoj Kraljici neba, da može moje molitve iznijeti pred prijestolje svoga Sina.

Oče naš, Zdravo Marijo, Slava Ocu

Sv. Augustine moli za nas!
Molitva svetom Augustinu……Litanije svetom Augustinu……..

Uvodna molitva… molitva svetog Augustina….
Slugo Marijin, slavo crkve, moli za našeg svetog Oca, biskupe, svećenike, za crkvene redove (zajednice), da svojom pobožnom revnošću I apostolskim predanjem budu ujedinjeni u vjeri na veću slavu Božju.
Sv Augustine pomoćniče svih koji te zazivaju posreduj za mene pred prijestoljem Svevišnjeg I izmoli milost za koju vapim u ovoj devetnici…

Oče naš, Zdravo Marijo, Slava Ocu

Sv. Augustine moli za nas!
Molitva svetom Augustinu……Litanije svetom Augustinu……..

Molitva sv. Augustina

Gospodine Isuse, dozvoli da se upoznam i poznajem sebe,
I da ne žudim ni za čim osim za Tobom.
Daj da mrzim sebe i volim Tebe.
Dozvoli da radim sve za Tebe.
Dozvoli da ponizim sebe i uzvisim Tebe.
Neka umrem u sebi i živim u Tebi.
Daj da prihvatim štogod se dogodilo kao da je od Tebe.
Daj da zaboravim sebe i slijedim Tebe,
I da uvijek žudim za Tobom,
Daj da poletim iz sebe i nađem spas u Tebi,
Kako bih zaslužio da budem obranjen po Tebi.
Daj mi strah Božji, kako bih strahovao Tebi,
I da budem među onima koji si Ti izabrao.
Neka ne vjerujem sebi, nego neka je svo moje povjerenje u Tebi.
Dozvoli mi da Te budem voljan poslušati,
Budi mi jedina sigurnost u životu,
I dozvoli da budem siromašan zbog Tebe.
Pogledaj me kako bih Te ja mogao voljeti.
Pozovi me kako bih Te mogao vidjeti,
I kako bih se uvijek mogao radovati u Tebi. Amen

Molitva svetom Augustinu

Sv. Augustine, obraćen si od zlog života po milosti Božjoj, te si ga po istoj zavolio svim srcem. Nauči nas da se izdignemo iznad naših sebičnih I zlih želja. Pomozi nam da svoja srca okrenemo prema Bogu I svaki dan da živimo u ljubavi prema svojim bližnjima. Pokaži nam kako da budemo milosrdni, kako da volimo I pomažemo sve ljude u potrebi.

Gospodine ispuni naša srca glađu za tvojom Riječi. Po zagovoru sv. Augustina, nauči nas da Tvoju riječ primamo sa poštovanjem I s ljubavlju vršimo Tvoje zapovijedi. To te molimo po Kristu gospodinu našemu. Amen.

Litanije sv. Augustinu

Gospodine, smiluj se!
Kriste, smiluj se!
Gospodine, smiluj se!
Kriste, čuj nas!
Kriste, usliši nas!

Oče nebeski, Bože,
Sine, Otkupitelju svijeta, Bože,
Duše Sveti, Bože,
Sveto Trojstvo, jedan Bože, smiluj se nama!

Sveta Marijo, moli za nas!
Sveta Majko Božja,
Djevice djevica,

Sv. oče Augustine, Moli za nas!
Sv. Augustine, primjeru raskajane duše,
Sv. Augustine, sine suza tvoje majke Monike,
Sv. Augustine, svjetlo učitelja,
Sv. Augustine, istrebitelju hereze,
Sv. Augustine, čuveni protivniče neprijatelja svete crkve,
Sv. Augustine, stupu prave vjere,
Sv. Augustine, lađo Božanske mudrosti,
Sv. Augustine, pravi primjeru apostolskog života,
Sv. Augustine, čije je srce zapaljeno ljubavlju Božjom,
Sv. Augustine, ponizni I milosrdni oče,
Sv. Augustine, revni propovjedniče Božje Riječi,
Sv. Augustine, prosvijetljeni proučavatelju svetog Pisma,
Sv. Augustine, ukrasu biskupa,
Sv. Augustine, svjetlo istinske vjere,
Sv. Augustine, plemeniti branitelju svete crkve,
Sv. Augustine, navjestitelju slave Božje,
Sv. Augustine, sveto drvo kuće Božje,
Sv. Augustine, neumorni štovatelju Presvetog Trojstva,
Sv. Augustine, neiscrpivi izvore kršćanske riječi,
Sv. Augustine, sjaju svetosti,
Sv. Augustine, uzore svih kreposti,
Sv. Augustine, utjeho žalosnih,
Sv. Augustine, tješitelju zapuštenih,
Sv. Augustine, prijatelju I pomoćniče siromašnih,
Sv. Augustine, naš oče,

Jaganjče Božji koji oduzimaš grijehe svijeta, oprosti nam Gospodine!
Jaganjče Božji koji oduzimaš grijehe svijeta, usliši nas Gospodine
Jaganjče Božji koji oduzimaš grijehe svijeta, smiluj nam se Gospodine!
Kriste, čuj nas! Kriste, usliši nas!

Pomolimo se:

O Bože, koji si sv. Augustinu objavio tajne svoje mudrosti i zapalio u njegovom srcu plamen božanske ljubavi, podari nam da u miru prođemo sve oluje ovoga života i sigurno stignemo u Tvoje kraljevstvo koje si nam obećao.
Po Kristu Gospodinu našemu.Amen.

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