by Annette Smit (Hawthorne California)

Asking for prayer for Janet she has lupus asking for healing also pray for her and her kids.. asking for asking for prayer for Dante doors will be open for him do better with his self and protection prayers for Jeremiah doors will open up for him that he would be to find the car that hit me and get his life straight now also pray for Justin and his daughter doors will be open for him Financial blessing and get his life straightened out prayer for Chester and Norman and their kids I’m asking for a blessing for him doors open out for him and his kids pray for Jeanette that should be able to find a place whatever causing them to have the things that go wrong in life I’m asking for us that that cycle would be broken that a place will be open up for her and her daughter thank you that family really need prayer for its so many things like Voodoo graduate needs prayer and a healing please pray for them and thank you so much