Family, Stop daughter-in-law from gossip, Protection

by Rebecca Gonzalez ()

Good morning father I just want to thank you for another day there’s so many things going on in our life with this coronavirus please have mercy on us I pray for my whole family for our needs and problems for the whole world stop my daughter-in-law from gossiping bring our family together Father I am looking for a job please provide for me a job where I would be happy and content and valued find a job for me not something I want something that you want for me I asked Marcy for my son he has so many tickets please provide him What to do to pay them help me help him because right now his girlfriend is expecting a baby and they have so many things to pay please provide for them and protect that baby that’s Still in the womb for him to be healthy babies always a blessing please provide an answer Marisa prayers she needs your help She wants a baby she would be a good mother please favor her give her health make her strong prepare her and my boys when I’m not around I won’t always be here please kill my husband I’m all sickness help my son John and his marriage His wife is nothing but gossip please heal her heart protect my son from gossip from Evil send your angels to protect him always also I pray for Robert and Amanda my grandchildren‘s for Alex my grandson for my son David and Bob for my stepson Nicholas and his family and Margaret and her family and my husband’s family and my family I know my husband is tired of working please provide me with a job where he doesn’t have to work love you father

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