Family situations dangerous

by Julianh Fernandes ()

Primary prayers for innocent victims died, dying in unprecedented Corona vires world over are forgiven entire life’s sins in Lord Jesus blood and enter into heavenly peace, families consoled in their sorrows. victims turn to Jesus Christ in repentance healed by his wounds; doctors, nurses, attendants protected, blessed including those attending disposal of dead. All in medical research, government, health authorities are guided by the Holy Spirit work honestly without selfish gains. All daily wage earners, salaried workers who lost, jobs, small traders, farmers, daily wage earners and blessed with gratitude.
Also for ingratitude horrible Islam terrorism world over world over causing revengefullness that peace and fear of Jesus Christ prevail and worship true living God Yahweh pre
That my family small plot get distributed equally and/or house so in exchange between myself daughter a and rebellious son alroyd moslem convert name Mohammad peacefully, as myself 70 years old desires it done peacefully, especially that he has filed suit court case against me and daughter and with draws it taking his legal share amicably, that Alroyd islam convert, wife and 3 gal kids and now new born boy 1st April 2020 along with entire family relatives surrender to Jesus Christ as Lord and savior with out threats or danger gets his own house peaceably and consistent job being jobless or losing jobs and resorting to housebreaking, stealing of documents, threatening and giving endless trouble filing court cases and setting police on me. Both my son named Mohammed and daughter Asmita with Abie giving me endless sleeplessness… Especially Aroyd, who now end of September 2020 suddenly emerges now after several months of worldwide pandemic lockdown and contacting my friend and acquaintance that he is back home from aboard an unnamed ship..amazingly now After 7 months…. And going back on shop end of this month November 2020 A blatant lie and again back with his old games of threatening of court cases and criminal activities, demanding apparently via his moslem wife and parents, relatives and immams. My fear being he will resort to house breaking, stealing… Having not withdrawn court suit, continuing to demand more than entitled, not returned earlier stolen items, files and documents, and threatening to file more suit cases against me and daughter Asmita paying hefty amounts to his Lawyer, and extradition threat to her lose her job at abtime she is already having divorce with Abie. Not visited family graveyard to pay respect or homage to his late mother Aveena making me helpless and stress. He’s again and again threatening my already estranged daughter that he will extradite her from overseas and make her lose her job and again lodge police complaints and put us behind bars… Pl pray he and Islam wife desists from all evils.

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