Family restoration

by Ilona ()

I have been saved for years,I know the word and am a Holy Spirit baptized believer. Never have I felt the need to reach out for prayer more than now.My son who is 27 and was home schooled lives with us and has. been raised in the word has been in an online relationship with a girl from California who is a Jehovah’s Witness. We live in southern Ont. Canada and she made up her mind she loved my son enough to leave her family and secretly left home and flew to Canada 2 weeks ago and now lives with us. Ive known about their relationship for a long time as my son and I are very close and he shares everything with me and accepts good council.We are t.v. churched but have attended meetings when someone came to our area and have tried churches in our area which proved to be very dry. I have been praying for this girl and her entire family and claiming their lives for the kingdom. During the second week of her stay with us such terrible friction arose in our family by my son accusing me of being rude by not eating a meal with them or sitting in another room at times. I have done everything I could to make her welcome and have bought her whatever she needed now and before and for her pet cat she brought as well. Never has tpsuch strife been in our home and I’ve tried to defend accusations to me and take authority over strife which is a spirit but for 4 days straight I was accused and cruelty maligned by my son and my husband who loves his son sided with him. I am at this point sitting in a bedroom which because of our small open concept home is the only place I can be alone. I know this is an attack from the enemy and so I shared with my husband that perhaps because Jehovah witness religion is a cult that the family is being influenced by a spirit brought to our home from this girl. My husband shared that with my son ,now he is saying and accusing me of things I never thought I would hear my son say to me. Now I’m in my room hours on end I can’t face him or this girl knowing what she’s heard and what he’s shared to her about me abd her religion. I’m looking for a place I can escape to to be away from everyone so I can have some peace.This is so very hurtful and I’m crying during the day cause I’ve lost connection with my family over this.I’ve prayed and asked God for a miracle to fix this as only He is able. I’m the type of person who’s a people pleaser and always strive for people to like me and confrontation on any level I try and stay away from. Now I’ve not talked to her as I can’t face her over what she’s been told and what she’s heard in the horrible arguments.My son told me I need help and am crazy for my stance on demon influence. Never in my life have I been in such a place of disparity to like I said contemplating leaving my own home to try and find some peace. I appreciate your ministry and any prayer support. Thankyou!sincerely,Ilona

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