Family Needs to Sell Home to be reunited and relocated

by Kenyia (USA)

Dear Faithful Friends,

God has blessed us with a great family. However, caring for an Autistic son and two other children on one income is a challenge. My husband has a good job but I am no longer working and remian home to care for our Special Needs son.

Living in two separate cities is inconvenient, costly, and takes an emotional toll. God help us to sell our home and be financially able to purchase a home within a school district known for its Autism Programs and overall great shool system. We need to live under one roof. Five years is too long to wait for a transfer.

So I as the fellowship of The Faithful to collectively pray with us for an answer to this solmn prayer. Dear God with the intercession of St. Joseph, please show favor upon us and grant the sell of our home.

We only want to live and grow as a Catholic Family for Christ.
We need and thank you for your prayers.


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