Family needs financial blessing, Please hear my prayer

by Donna (South Carolina)

Dear God, first I just want to thank You for all you do. Please hear my prayer. My Husband lost his job two weeks before our third child was born. We’ve had to borrow money to pay bills. We live in a small two bedroom one bath house and there’s five of us. Our seven year old daughter has occupational therapy every week due to a previous brain surgery.

Thanks be to you that she is fine now. Gas is expensive and therapy is 45 minutes from our house. My Husband needs new tires on his car and the heater in my car isn’t working right. I would love to be able to help my parents financially so my Mama can retire. My Daddy is disabled.

I would love for my family to get on track financially and someday start our own business. I would love to help others in need. My Husband is a hard worker and he does all he can to provide for us and he doesn’t deserve all the stress that’s been put on us. Prayers are appreciated from others and I pray that you will bless each and everyone of them in return.

I know that with Christ ALL things are possible. In Jesus name, AMEN.

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