Family Miracle Prayer

by Michelle (Evansville, Indiana)

Dear God,

I truly believe in you and I need your help so badly right now. My family is on the verge of being torn apart. My husband is facing jail time. He doesn’t deserve jail time. He truly doesn’t. My children and I need him here with us. He has received his wake up call and he is going to get a job. It is all my fault he is in the situation he is in. Thanks to alcohol. I will never ever drink again. Alcohol is evil and has the power to control one’s mind. Alcohol erases common sense. I am so sorry. Please grant my family a miracle and send my husband home where he should be. He has court at 8:30 am central time July 5, 2011. Please God, I have been praying to you for days and I truly mean everything I have said. We need him here with us. He is our protector and provider. I truly need your help. Just give him one more chance to do what is right. I know he will! So many people have been praying to you about this and I pray that others will join in. Please God, please grant this miracle for my family.

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