Family Matters and Personal Health

My brother and his wife recently separated and it is hard on EVERYONE including my parents who, in some ways, are suffering hardest. There are also children involved and it breaks my heart to see that they may grow up to be another statistic in a broken family. Please work a miracle to get them both to reconcile and work out their marriage.

Also, I am having several personal problems including battling an eating disorder. I am also living in constant fear of what others may say to me. I have been deeply hurt recently by someone who made a comment that I looked like I put on weight (after a time when I actually was dieting and exercising even harder). I am broken, tormented and fearful of people I haven’t seen in a while. Please God, heal my heart. Even though man has free will, you can intervene and control tongues. Please, find favor enough to never let someone say something like that to me again. I am physically sick (more than ever) in body and mind. Please.