by Joe (New York)

Dear God,

This prayer goes out to my family, my relationships and my loneliness. My family needs watching over, it seems like it is falling apart, my mother now lives in a nursing home, my sister with thoughts about moving away and as much as he doesn’t say it my father seems very lonely. I have left because of various reasons and I know this is not the life my father pictured. I can tell he is struggling to cope and I hope that you can provide him with the strength, the courage and direction to get through this. I hope he is surrounded by friends that can prevent him from thinking negatively as I am not around. Growing up was hard with him at times but I forgive him. My mother is in a situation that cannot be improved, I hope she is keeping well and is surrounded by the right people to help look after her. My mother’s mother, an incredible woman she is, she too is lonely and living alone, I hope she is keeping well and can keep battling. My father’s mother, I know she is surrounded by many people, she is a woman who doesn’t like to worry anyone, I hope she is keeping well. To all my aunts, uncles, cousins and friends can you watch over them for any troubles they may have and give them the strength and guidance to overcome them.

I sometimes doubt if I pray in the correct way and do not pray as often as I should, I find sometimes that I am very irritable and sometimes come across the wrong way. I don’t always see the good in people that I should and often say things about people that I shouldn’t. I like to think I am a good person but I could improve in so many ways. Can you help me to be a better person, to not see the bad in people and to bring myself closer to you. I hope that someday I will have created a life similar to what my Father’s Father, my Grandfather created, a wife, children and a secure job to support them wherever that may be. I hope I am not asking for too much.

I am feeling very lonely, it is not often I meet someone that I am truly happy with. I hope and think I have met someone that could help this loneliness. We have dated twice and we are aiming for a third date she seems like a great person and someone that could pull me out of this nightmare that I sometimes find myself in. I am willing to work at this with her and I hope you can ensure her that I am a good person and that hopefully she will consider me and give me a chance. I know I have made mistakes in previous relationship. I have driven people away and not been faithful to them. This is not the type of person I am. I know that the next person I try this with will not be put through this and I will support them in every way. I like to think I always have good intentions but do not always follow through with them. Help me to overcome this. I have met people previously where whether through my own fault or not I have dropped them. Whether this is because you already have a plan for me and I am currently going in the direction you please I don’t know. Help me to understand as I am struggling to cope with not knowing the direction I am heading in. I hope this girl is the answer and that we can give this a shot. She is a religious girl who I also hope can help bring me closer to you.

Lord, Please Hear this Prayer,

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