Family house, finances and healing

by Tarisai ()

Please for my housing situation for my family. We were offered and accepted a house in September which which we shouldve moved in 10 days after now we are in December the company and the people in charge with this keep on telling us there are major works happening but when we try to speak to them they won’t tell us what works are being carried out and in particular the person in charge won’t cooperate with us and we can sense resistance from him that He’s playing games with us. My family and I have been moving frequently in the past 3 years trying to save up for a house and things haven’t gone the way we’ve expected. Our children are not settled where we are currently staying, they have had no stability in their childhood and my heart is broken for them that there’s no routine that works because we are in a place that isn’t our home, we are being harrased by the landlord yet the neighbourhood and the house are in poor cindition and the landlords will not address the issues. Now we have an opportunity of owning our own house but it seems I believe that there is an evil agenda hindering us from obtaining this. We were made promises that we would move in this house before Christmas but we are being taken for a ride and just going round in circles, with no signs of progress. On one occasion we were praying for the house keys to be released I saw a image of a clown and a joker in a tree hanging in a tree at the new house and I think this is an attack from the enemy. The children are so frustrated they have seen the house and even packed their bags 2 weeks ago be a use we were promised the house would be ready but now we hear nothing. We have tried filing complaints to someone higher up but no signs of progress please pray and cover our new house and the move and stay. Pray for my marriage, parenting ( some times I can be detached emotionally in my parenting because of the way I was raised and sometimes even in my marriage, that I don’t know how to receive or be emotionally attached in the marriage and in my parenting as I should) I don’t want to neglect my duties as a wife and a mother anymore. Please also pray for my weightloss, I have been having severe heart palpitations for the past 2 years I’ve received prayers and prophesies but no signs of improvement may God take away all unbelief. Please pray also for all my 4 children, my entire family for God’s salvation, Protection and deliverance from evil or calamity

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