Family Desparate for God

by Terri (FL)

This Marriage/family is desparate for God. Me and my children pray everyday for our dad to come home. I pray against the sin and rebellion that he is choosing, and I pray that it would come to an end. Life away from God is meaningless and all this world has to offer will never truly satisy. I pray that his anger and insolence would crumble at the foot of the cross. I pull down and demolish any stronghold that he has erected to protect himself from hurt and that walls him off from God. I declare that Satans plans will not prosper in him. I pray that not satan nor man would thwart the plans that God has for my husband and this family.

I declare that Satan cannot have my husband, my children, my family, or my marriage. That no weapon formed against us shall prosper. I pray that God would breath fresh life into this marriage and into my husband. God breathe your breath of life on us, Cover us with your powerful saving blood. I bind our minds to the mind of Christ, and bind our wills and thoughts to be aggreeable to your will and purposes Lord. I pray that you would pour your perfect agape love into our hearts, so that we can choose to love and forgive one another and destroy and cancel the works of the enemy with your greatest weapon…LOVE! Save us, help us, and deliver us with your right hand. I will not believe the things I see but I will trust in the things I do no see, and I know that you are at work God.

I know that this looks impossible in the natural but God you said that ALL things are possible. You are faithful God, and I know you will do it. I ask others who read this to stand in aggreement with me, that God is restoring this marriage and family. That God is bringing Salvation to my Husband. That he will turn from his sinful ways and be overcome with love, love for GOd, love for himself and his wife, and love for his family. That my husband will take his rightful place as priest of his home, and that our marriage will be better than it ever was and that we will shout of the goodness of God! In Jesus mighty name I pray. AMEN!!!!

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