Family arguments and stress

by Carl Hefner (Burleson, TX)

My name is Carl Hefner and I am writing this prayer request for my family. My wife and I have been staying with my mom and step dad until we get on our feet. we have been looking for work but my step-dad has been rather quick to anger as he feels we have been lazy and not doing enough to get a job.

He is more old school and not really understanding of how times have changed. I understand his frustration and perhaps I could do more to find a job but I still do not need his anger and resentment right now. Especially since it always feels like he is okay with helping family as long as it serves his needs and is ready to dismiss me and my wife when we are not serving his purposes of cigarettes, video games and movies. I am trying as best as I can but I am afraid that he may be unable to admit that he never really wanted me and my wife to stay with them.

That he only said ok because of my mom being his wife and he didn’t want to seem cold-hearted. However it seems more hurtful to say its okay to stay and then act like its not. I only hope sending this prayer request will do good to have the holy spirit move in his mind and heart to speak what he feels; rather than hide it and let it build up like a teapot. I thank you all for your prayers.