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Abba Father, You are the Alpha and Omega. You spoke the world into existence and You created us humans in Your very image! When I think about Your Sovereignty and Your Glory…I can simply only imagine. My mind cannot comprehend or fathom Your Majesty, Your Holiness. I stand amazed in YOUR Presence. Holy Father, I come as Your child and I lay down my burdens, I lay down the heaviness of my sin and the weight I carry of trying to live in Your way in my own strength, the struggle and striving of trying to keep my family living Your way. I know Your ways and thoughts are so much higher than mine and I have no clue as to the plans You have for them, for me. But I struggle, I strife, I try to capture their hearts for You, I try to make them seek You…LORD, forgive me. Help me to recognize that these overwhelming feelings, anxieties over the many issues I feel I need to attend…this is weight that entangles me and keeps me from living free. So my prayer today, LORD, is of repentance, I confess that I have tried to shepherd my own life and the lives of my husband, and our children. I lay them all down before your feet, and I lay me down before your feet, and I ask that we all ask and allow You to be the Shepherd of our lives. May we seek You and Your Kingdom first, keeping our focus on You. May we live our lives to bring You glory and give You are BEST!!! Holding nothing back, but truly living Free from our Sins, Free from the weight of the burdens and baggage we have held onto in the past, and may we walk in the freedom Christ died to give us. Come Holy Spirit, breath on us, fill us to over-flowing from this day forward with Your Power and Your Presence. Let us not wander or stray from You, but align our lives with You. Jesus be the ANCHOR of our lives and let us GO and share Your story, Your Word with all the nations! I trust that You are exactly Who You say You are and You will do exactly what You said You will do! I trust that we all, the sons and daughters of the Kingdom of God, will RISE up, be REVIVED and ALIVE in Christ! Hallowed Father, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day or daily bread, and forgive us of our sins, as we forgive those who have sinned against us, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one, for Your Glory and Your Honor is of utmost importance. Above all else! Reign down Your Spirit on Your people so that we may be anointed and go and do Your work. Be with us as we travel, and wherever we go may Your angels encamp around us and guard us in all our ways. May we only be influenced by those who are living close to You and may we influence other who You bring in our paths. I thank You for salvation, for abundant Life here and now and eternal life forevermore! Empower us, Your sons and daughters to take back all that the enemy has stolen, killed and destroyed and grant us success in living our lives ALL in with CHRIST! In Jesus’ Holy Name and for His Namesake I ask, I believe, and I receive. AMEN!

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