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The Lord I thank you for prosperity dear Lord over my life the Lord thank you for strengthening me in every area of the Lord that I need the Lord thank you for leaving me dear Lord thank you for me being the person that you created as a sweet and loving kind and giving an understanding ready to listen ready to give you some good advice thank you Jesus for putting all that in me dear Lord and I acknowledge your ways dear Lord I do not and I do not want to lean on my own understanding but trust in you with all my heart and soul Jesus thank you Jesus for helping me raise them decent son dear Lord thank you Jesus forgive him for all the things that he have done in the past Jesus pray for all my grandkids the put your loving arms around them and guide them and teach them not to talk back to their mother regardless the Lord that’s not the way that’s not the way to you Dillard respect your mother dear Lord for your days will be longer I understand a lot please Jesus put your living arms around my grandkids pray for Candice the Lord and give her strength in every area that she needs the Lord and I appreciate her for what she’s doing for me dear Lord touch her right now dear Lord pray for my sister Daphne the sickness that she’s going through the Lord put your loving on surrounded the Lord cuz it’s too shall pass pray for reaching a deal Lord put your lemon arms around her and keep her strong and keep her lifted up in prayers the Lord and God hurt the Lord cuz there’s two shall passed again Jesus and your loving name Jesus I pray the Lord touch right now I touch my husband the Lord and all the things that he’s going through struggling with his truck addiction to a lot please touch him right now Lord take that taste out his mouth dear Lord soon and very soon Jesus pray for his health the Lord put your loving arms around him and God him pray for this whole world to the Lord pray for my sister can’t give up the strength that she need to go up and down the stairs and know to take her medication dear Lord I love us all dear Lord I pray for everybody in Jesus name amen

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