faith,strength for my family

by Yvonne (Harlingen Texas USA)

Sacred heart of Jesus, please help my granddaughters sara age 5 who has stomach ailments, also suffers from ptsd,anxiety attacks, panic attacks, frustration, depression, irritability, separation anxiety, says she sees b evil ghosts. Help her with her ailments. Protect her from all evil spirits. Protect her 2 yr.old sister paige. From her frequent skin infection, speech difficulty. Allergies. Sacred heart of Jesus I have so much faith in you. Protect my daughter vannessa, help her find a full time job with benefits, to help support my granddaughters. Give her faith,health of mind and body. Keep her from losing her temper,from yelling protect her and her boyfriend, father of the girls. That they get married. That he get a full time job with benefits to help support the babies, and help with rent,groceries, bills. Give them faith, wisdom. Help my son omar and his step father get along. That they forgive eachother. Respect eachother. That Richard my husband show my son respect, love, kindness. That omar may turn to you sacred heart of Jesus in faith,trust. Help him with his job, education and relationship. .Help my husband richard. Take away his anger,hostility, irritability, anxiety,mood swings. Heal him from his diabetes, heart disease, gout,muscle cramping. Make him stop cussing, using vulgar language, using Gods name in vain. Make him stop being so critical, unforgiving. Currently he is under tremendous stress, because of his pain illnesses, but also because I’m in hospice with renal failure, liver disease and other illnesses. He is 72 yrs old and does not do well on his own. Sacred heart of Jesus, hear my prayers and I don’t know what to do. I accept the cross God has given me to carry. All I ask is for my family’s protection. And at my final hours jesus christ, immaculate Heart of mary, saint Joseph, embrace me.hold me. That jesus christ forgive me all my sins and traspasses. Amen

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