Faithful Praying

by Violet Stewart ()

Yahweh, I’m in need of financial blessing. My retirement annuity was very little each month. Now the government has taken out money that I need to buy my diabetic medication, pay my mortgage, car insurance and bill, etc. My brother and his wife have been kind enough to let me live with them. But I’m not there responsiblity to care for me. I need a financial increase to repair my mom’s home so I can move back and care for myself. Thank you lord for making a way for my brother lewis to live in a nursing home. For someone to give him the care that he so much needed. But he live so far from me that I can’t visit him as often as I want too. My other siblings never visited him when we live at home. And now it seem like we have abandoned him. I lost my car and it takes a lot of gas to travel to visit him. And I’m going to have back surgery and it’s going to take me awhile to return a visit until I’m well enough to go visit him again. Thank you Yaweh for all my blessings you have given me after retirement. I wasn’t able to mourn my mother after her death because my sibling were only after property that she had. Now I’m without financial help to repair the 3 property, without a car to travel,. Yaweh let your will be done for me and my family. Amen.

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