Faith: Lost and Found

by Barbara (Glendale, Wisconsin)

Lord, said I, leave me, for I am done,

There may never again be
That faith that makes me whole.

I heard a voice that said, “you are the one”.

That I will take with me
Redeeming all the virtues in your soul.

But Lord, said I, how can you count on me,
When you know that I’ll be …
“Stop!” Said the voice I couldn’t see

“Hear me child of what I say,
This will be the very day
I take you on your golden skylight way.

“Walk with me in the sand,
Let me hold your hand,
And be as brave as you can.”

I fell to my knees,
I looked up to see.
The bright light scene

Was only a star
The brightest by far
Twinkling in the sky
And felt a breeze push past my side.

The star was used to convey
A bright message by the way
As the Lord looked me in the eye
Through the star in the sky.