faith for our son

by Your Servant (Riverside Cal. Usa)

father I pray that our son has nothing but faith on his new job that he walks by faith and not by sight, I pray that no weapon be formed against him that all good things work together for good for those that love the lord and are called for a purpose, that he moves with guidance that comes from the holy spirit, the he knows that he is the head and not the tail I pray that he is above and not beneath, I declare and decree that he will prosper and have good success, that he will be a priest in his family, that he will be greatly noticed in the eyes of god, and that he will become a fisherman of god to bring those to be set free indeed, I declare and decree that as jr goes before you lord that you will set his feet on holy ground to serve you in a mighty way,because you sent your only begotten son. I come to you father thru your son jesus to do your will with thy son jr I promised him to you before he was born, and I will be obeidient to you . I will always love you praise you and honor that your will be done in jesus name I pray. Amen

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