Faith and Strength

by Rick (Tennessee)

Lord, I trust in You with all my soul. You have granted me more miracles than I can count over the past few years when times were bleak. Lord I believe she will drink herself to death and so I step back and watch knowing my children are seeing it happen and I believe they are learning what alcohol does to a person, and that their mother has choices. i pray they remember the Truth and with love and compassion I have recommended to her about getting some help, had her arrested due to violence a few years ago after she had called the police and she lied to them and mentioned to her about divorce, had her arrested again when she attacked the kids, then with revenge she and suzannah filed divorce papers against me and tried to have me removed from the house and away from my children but it failed and she was arrested and removed from the house and I was able to get Suzannah to leave with her boys. The kids and I had peace. First time in years. God Almighty showed His love for me and my children and His omnipotent power. All along friends came ‘out of the woodwork’ and the Truth was always revealed. Thank you Lord Jesus for helping me remember what You did for us, and what you are doing today and for what you have planned for us. Thank you with all my heart.

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