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God I come to you as a pure hearted young intentionally righteous sinner. I know that I am far from perfect and along the way I have made plenty mistakes, I know I have been lacking on my prayers the time I should be giving you not pleased after giving me many chances in life with you totally spared my life for many reasons. Somethings I don’t understand clearly because the dreams and visions you once gave seems to not be there anymore. I face many obstacles but my faith in you is still strong as it’s been from birth. I appreciate everything you have done for me my Lord and I truely appreciate your son for his brave legacy I know deep down inside that your son knows my heart very well and so do you father. Once again I thank you for everything and that will always be in my heart to be thankful, have faith hope I pray you enlighten my path on the rest of my journey I pray you continue to guide me through my dark days, for all the things I can’t see father I pray you start back showing and revealing things so I would understand as I was back when I was a younger child , I pray that you heal me where I’m weak, heal me where I’m broken, all I ever wanted in life was to be a pure honest individual throughout all of my life dealings treat peoples good, show peoples that love is a wonderful gift that we all need it. I also wish I could soon one day be someone that peoples grow to love and cherish as the wonderful seed you created Jesus was such a blessing he will be forever appreciated

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