Facial/Skin Breakout Problems

by Danielle (Largo, Md.)

Please keep me in prayers. I have been having extreme acne breakouts on my face that has also caused discoloration and scarring to my skin. It has taken a toll on my self-esteem and often leaving me sad and depressed. Please pray for my joy and confidence to be regained and for total healing and restoration to my face, skin & body. I’ve gone to the doctor and dermatologist but just seems like everything is working so slow which has caused my faith to go up and down. I still believe God though. Healing for this discolored mark on my face to go away so I can get my face back and start feeling beautiful again and that nothing else be returned to my face. All marks, scars, and bumps and discoloration clear for good. Instant miracle before this week is over. And this scar mark has been on the right side of my face for a month now. My pigmentation to be restored to normal color as its darker. Also have three small scar marks opening of skin under my lips for those to close and for my skin to be back to smooth and soft without blemishes. Thanks in advance for your prayers!

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