by Mary (Ohio)

Lord Jesus please allow the truth to enter into my daughters heart. She is running with evil and now bringing her newborn son into this mess. Expose the evils around her and banish them from her life. Remove this Satan worshiper from her life and convict him sending him back to hell. Free her from the false friends around her and bring back the good honest daughter i raised.. Stop the Isaac’s from deceiving and stealing from my mother and let me fulfill my fathers promise to keep them from his estate as he has passed and criminals are now being put in charge of his estate. Help me find the backers I need for Russ and let my ZIja business flouish so I can provide for myself and my family. Every prayer I pray seems to go unanswered so please give me a sign that all is going along to your plan of victory and truth.

Stop the Jezebel spirit working in my daughter so she can get her good friends back stop lying drinking and her careless and hateful ways. Bring Daniel into my custody until she gets the help she truly needs to come back to you Lord Jesus and this family. I am desperate for your intervention please answer my prayers today.

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