Expose the truth

by Nadia (Estonia)

Dear Lord I have been wronged by my husband.

He has not taken his married vows seriously and he has betrayed me for many years by living a double life.
His manipulation during our 27 years together has made me believe he was a man of morals and principals and all along he has had none.
Plotting meeting with other women and plotting to rob me when he got caught.
Please make our family and friends see him for what he really is and please get him to be fair in our divorce and not a greedy self centered person who feels that what he has done is not wrong.
Please speak to his conciounce and be Normal and make him remember the loving, caring and loyal wife I was.
Give me the strength and guidance to forgive him of what he has done and what he keeps doing to me.
I loved him with all my heart for 27 years and I deserve to be respected. I worked hard and supported him in times of need always by his side running our business together in Oz and when we went to Estonia as I did not want to leave Australia I did my best to help in what ever way I could and I became very successful in doing so. Please
make him realize what I sacraficed for him by leaving my family and friends behind and a sunny beautiful country.

Please allow the truth to be exposed.

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