Exorsism and deliverence

by JASON ()

Lord heavenly Father I pray in Jesus name for my Exorsism and deliverence from possesion and Poltergeist activities, curses spells or any occult done to me by family since 4 years old as mediums and Reverends and Bishops all said. Lord I know you know as of what the shamen did to try and help and also what you did it is so dark I have trouble remembering and learning also horrific nightmares which is effecting performance at work. Lord I also pray for my manager in Jesus name for deliverence he makes us do stuff like climb the ladder opening a door on the containers when the safer being lifted up in a forklift cage. Lord I did stack the lorry wrong but Ian, the manager bites people far too much and in the wrong way to others like being mr smart panse but also makes attacks on others like look at all those underlays, blaming cliff for something when he never gave me the chance to say I was restacking it so I pulled it down. He use to be a nice guy but changed when he was told to toughen up.
Lord Thank you for everything you Are doing and I pray for you to look After my Family and Alan Bell especially in Jesus name.
Lord I would love to see you Jesus please and your Angels to say Thank you and see and remove Darkness in me. I am so tired as had demons for all my life and the opposing negative force Demonic is making such a hard battle I just want to leave this Earth now, which I wish you will let me then he can’t touch me as I wish to learn and know you better.
Thank you in Jesus name Amen

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