Execute You Judgement

by wayne ()

Father God,

L respectfully ask you to execute judgement on those wanna be ‘leaders’ of America in office now that have decided they haven’t done enough damage. Now they want to silence Trump with impeachment (yet again) and/or 25th admendment. THEY ARE WRONG, THEY HAVE OVERSTEPPED their positions and I BEG of you to cease holding back your judgement against those that have chosen to harm our country. It’s over, they’ve gone to far, I BEG of you to do what You must do to rectify this. You have ALL power and freedom to do as You please but I cannot believe you will sit idle while they continue to fornicate over our country and I respectfully ask you to for once, prosecute and judge these instigators and put a permanent end to this crap they continually put us through because they HATE Trump. I believe YOU put him in office and he needs nto stay there, PLEASE judge these hellbent sinners and protect Trump and eliminate these people, if they have to give up the ghost to be freed from their corruption…so be it…… thank you

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