Ex girlfriend back

by Lennart (Netherlands)

I’ve been depressed for about 2 years. Lost my girlfriend 2 times before but the mighty Lord brought her back, but I lost her again. She is my cure to my depression, she is my light in a dark room.
I made a lot of promises I added to my prayer but I’m not sure if I should add them here, I will if people tell me to! (the promises come after I promise to do right)
I end the prayer with all the things I’m thankfull for, not sure if I should add those either (let me know)

Lord I want to thank you for giving me the chance to spend so much time with her, you made her so beautiful. I want to thank you for bringing such a loving, caring and sweet girl into my life and giving me the chance to feel real love.

I’m asking you, mighty Lord to make a miracle happen. You gave me 2 chances already but I didn’t take those chances and I beg you to forgive me and please don’t turn me down because of that.

I’m asking you, the Lord, for a miracle. I promise to it right.

Father I’m asking you; please believe my promises. I know it’s hard since I didn’t keep them the last time. I’ve had the most beautiful, loving and caring girlfriend and I let her go. That’s hurts really much and I regret not doing better when I had her. I’m asking Lord, please look into your heart and give me one more chance. I’m asking you to perform a miracle, a miracle that only you can perform.

Sweet Lord, I come here in the name of Jesus Christ and I’m asking you: Please restore the bond me and my girlfriend. Lord we both belong to you and we want to do that for our whole lives. My Lord Jesus, you know we both spoke about marriage and spending our lives together but another man came in between the relationship and made her heart hardened towards me. I’m asking in the name of Jesus please restore the lines of communication and to move the mountains that are between us. I pray that my ex-girlfriend will make peace with me and please tell her to seek for contact and welcome me with open arms. I love her so much Father, I’m asking you to bring her back to me in the name of Jesus Christ.

Father you made miracles happen before for me, this is what gives me hope. I still feel your presence, this is what gives me trust.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

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