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My ex fiancee and I had a marriage date fallout.. We never stopped loving eachother we just were not both ready at the same exact moment. Now she is not communicating with me due her pain and pride and feeling I did not make enough effort to this marriage commitment before because I wasnt ready at the time, So she doesnt feel or know how she can she trust me now when I say Im ready and if its truly my heart speaking..

I understand how she feels but the pain and pride have truly clouded her decision making and covered her hearts true feelings… She is making irrational decisions and has a very close minded approach and has given up on us..

I pray god continues to show me and my ex fianc the path and signs on how to handle this trial in our life.If you keep us in your prayers and for god to show us signs and heal and humble the pain and pride that seems to be consuming our chances of revival, I would truly appreciate it. I believe in the power of prayer and pray her heart is touched and signs are made clear, And for my heart to remain strong and me not to lose faith.. (Her name is Jenniffer Hernandez and Mine is Alexander Torres) Thank you so much and god bless

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  1. Prayers for reconciliation


    Please accept my prayers for all here who are asking for reconciliation with their broken and separated relationships. I would ask that you also include that I might be reunited with my love, Dina if it is your will. Please make your will clear to both of us and provide the patience, healing, communication and faith we need to approach each other with love and understanding and may you bless us again with a loving relationship for the rest of our lives. Amen

  2. By his Stripes

    Claiming that by the stripes of Jesus your relationship is restored. Recognize it is Satan and pray for both your spouse and the other woman for life through Jesus. God already has victory in this situation. Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. James 5:16
    I am going through the exact thing . I miss my Best friend terribly and am praying daily for him to be healed of his bondage of sin and false happiness. I pray that Jon will recognize it and repent. I have forgiven him and cant hate him. He was a new believer of Christ. His name is Jon. I’m asking that the Lord with lead him to His word and use the bible I gave him 2 yrs ago. Our wedding was set for Sept. I will continue to pray for restoration for the both of you bc Im praying the Lord will help us during this trial and Jons eyes will be opened to what has happened to him. God is the restorer and everything is possible with Him.

  3. God is love

    My sweet dear girlfriend has decided she’s not in love with me. We planned and prepared for engagement, also receiving blessings from both our mother and father. We also received blessing from the Priest. Just like the gentleman above went through with the engagement ring and plans. I had been putting payments towards her special engagement ring, also we planned to move together, due to economic necessity. Set backs and unfortunate interferences beyond our control created confusion for us and our relationship. I believe god is love and can remove the confusion from us. I ask this in the grace of god. Love your son, John

  4. Another One

    I feel for you, as my story is very similar. Your last sentence in first paragraph says it better than I could have.
    So far it seems that pride and anger can be stronger than love. I have had no success and have no suggestions to help, but I will include you in prayers and hope that in time things will work out.

  5. Ex fiancee

    I too am going through this painful time. I feel like I have been thrown out with the dish water. He must move due to job changes and doesn’t want me to move, only visit. I ask for prayers and guidance from God to help me trust and know fiancée is all in God’s hand. I will pray for all who are suffering from lost of love from one who was committed.

  6. Praying for you

    I pray for restoration of your relationship. I am going through the same thing and trusting in God for answers. I hope you two can work it out.

  7. Love

    We will Pray for you both that God will heal your pain and fears and open both ur Hearts to each other and to Him. Bringing forgiveness, trust and Love and a happy future together. God Bless and Good Luck.

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