Evil Toxic Nana and Family

by Kristina ()

I feel like I hear messages through the television that make me upset. I live near my Nana and Tata and they are very rude people with people and the neighbors too. I feel this is unfair and my Nana makes me suffer in things and she shouldn’t act like it has something to do with being around my child as she is the most evil person to me as a Mother every time I try near her and makes these faces and nasty behaviors and comments and I am highly upset and angry with that of her. She deserves for the Lord to teach her a lesson and find a way to make her stop being this way, Her husband banned me from his home for four years once and they do not realize in that time I told my therapist I wanted to be adopted and posted a public adoptee website official post to see what options I could have to end her foul language sexually demeaning way of treating me about other women and life and I guess my appearance. She is not the best perfect woman either so she should not make the effort to be this way toward me so many years. She has sincerely hurt my feelings and I really pray she will stop aiming to get in between all people and me and my life possibilities and making people turn against me because she exists, She is not even really a Nana to me and is trying so hard to be horrific and cruel than be right. It is low and selfish and she needs to stop. I did not deserve for her to make this choice on her own against me, I do pray that I would have the option to be adopted as an adult if she and her husband do not show any other possible way to my life than this cycle of unloving unacceptance and unforgiveness and cruelty toward me. Others are not right to follow them and what they believe they can do to stop my life from having what I want and have prayed for.

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