Evil spirit, demons

by David Msindisi Sikweza ()

I pray Jehovah God and his son our savior Jesus Christ, l pray for the following: Demons are stranded on my way there is no rest for me l fight with them 24hrs,They are entered my marriage by using my pigs l was farming, l am from their traps eg car accidents, the church people l used to be their brother they was up and down by nights looking for my family that where we are living, my neighbors are keeping their witch craft things from me and my wife today l am about to broke the marriage because she is sleeping with the demonhs ,l pray a success on my security guard and cleaning services business, l pray every one who is against me shall be pay according his, her action,every day I must ready and prepared for those demons 24hr they are busy attacking me verbal all the casing names are mine,pls pray with me every day because this battle it seems that is goons be for me until like die, l pray my ways of living like running my business, living by the way l want to live,pray and praise Jehovah God through his son our savior Jesus Christ, every blockage before me must fire by the heavens fire,my friend and my family must be protected, l pray for lovely woman to marrie in future, l pray to die on the hands of Jehovah God not on the hands of evil people, l pray every where l am there must be peace, l pray every body who is against me he, she must know he,she is against Jehovah God because l am his creature,no one have authority of ruling my life, pls pray with me daily my situation is in danger l live like a small bird,l am lone because my forties blocked me to have a date with a woman. I am living in the place of Egomora nesodom, l pray to be free as soon as possibly, where l am going to be circle there must be peace, May that Jehovah God and his son our savior Jesus Christ be with me and those who believed that he is God of praise including you, l am smoking and l am drinking alcohol l pray to quite,l pray for finance problems to be solved, l thank you and Amen

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