Eviction Notice

by Anonymous (Anonymous)

Yahuwah Elohim,

I call upon you in the name of Yahshuua Ha Massiach. I praise you and give you the glory Most High Yah! Who is like you? You have brought me over mountains. You have have brought me through trials. You have blessed me HalleluYah! I am thankful and appreciative. I ask you Yah in Yahshuua’s name to remove the eviction notice from my landlord’s records. I know I have been late on my rent and I have been trying my best to get things together financially Yah, but I cannot do this without you. I ask in the name of the Massiach Yahshua, that you bind the enemy of progress and of this eviction notice and that the company, Forest City, the landlord, the lawyer, and the sheriff will not find any records of this eviction notice. I pray that my rent due will be paid in full, minus the incurred lawyer fees. Yah, if this is your Will let it be done in the name and blood of Yahshuwa so that your name maybe glorified to others who seek you. You are my deliverer and I know you will never forsake your people. Let it be done , Amen!

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