Everything in my life

by Morgan smith ()

Lord I want to say thank you for many blessings…Thank you… Lord I need you now I’m surfing from depression and anxiety sometimes I don’t know if I’m going to coming I just gave birth to a baby he’s 10 months now I have a 16 year old that suffer from add and Lord I want you to come into our life and bless us tremendously I’m needing a job to where I can work from 8 to 4 so I could be at home with my kids I don’t have no one but you my mom passed back in 2017 from kidney failure , I never really healed from that… never really have no one to vent to …. Lord you never steered me wrong Lord sometimes I lose my faith the Lord I’m here right now to lay it all on your heart.. I want you to bless me Lord Lift Me Up Jesus I want to get to know you better and I want to get to know you more so I’m ready to come into your world Lord hear me and hear me now Lord I’m asking you lord to bless me and my little family Lord cause the road we going down is like I don’t know what to do I just had to quit my job because. My supervisor would not not work around my schedule and my mama always told me when another door close another one open and Lord I’m ready for that open door as I continue to pray and pray the faith that I have continues to get a stronger Lord I think sometimes I get a little scared and I don’t want to be scared anymore so as of now I have faith everything will work out in your favor I believe you died and Rose on the third day for us and then I will continue to pray and pray and serve you Lord and your name amen

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