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God I just want you to take all my worries away and my stress and to put the situation in your hand and have a positive non worrisome non stress outcome cause god I know I’m not strong for all of this and ask you to just put the situation away and never let it come back and you get all this worried thoughts that have everyday and all this stress that I pick up from thinking about what could happen if you don’t take control of it god all I want you to do is never let the situation come back never let him bring it up just make me and him forget about each other and the situation and never have anything to remind of the situation or about each other and god I would love if you do it fast because this is so hard for me and I don’t know if I can take anymore I’m so sorry that I’m coming to you when you have other stuff to worry about but god as your child I just ask for to listen to me and make everything better and please whatever or whoever is in my life blocking my blessings please take them out of my life and god all I really ask you is to never let me cross his mind or him cross mine and god please let us forget about the situation and please don’t let him post the videos I’m begging you but in the end of all of this when it’s over god I thanking you in every kind of way and I love you for making everything better again and please give me my blessings and make me happy and again all I want to do is make this situation go away this stress And worries go away and live my best life cause god I’m not strong for this and I know we not supposed to regret any thing or question you and I’m sorry if I am but I just want this nightmare to end and go away please and for the situation to be put in your hands cause god I know you working on it and on everything else but I just ask for you in till the situation is over and after the situation that you bless me with strength and a worried free life and stress free and forgiveness and you just give me all my blessings and let me live my best life and for tomorrow while your working on it can you please take the worries and stress and bad thoughts out of my head and just let me forget and him and let nobody know about it cause all I want to do and be is happy again cause I haven’t been happy in a long time and please fix every situation for me and make tomorrow and the rest of my days and my families too a wonderful day thank you god in Jesus name, amen.

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