Every Area of my life

by Roxchell ()

Hello, that’s amazing how the topic was praying for a Godly friend that prays for you. This is one area of my life where I have struggled with friendships. I pray for my friends all the time but not one could pray for my situations. I have always been a person that would instantly go into prayer for others. But in my walk with God I have felt so alone. I had to let friendships go that was draining and sucking the very life out of me. I’m struggling in all areas of my life, but still continue to try and hold my head up through prayer for myself my family and my friends. But all my friends have offered was I am strong and I can’t pray like you. Now that I have walked away from them I have become a target of them trying to destroy my life. This is so weird how this topic came up because I have been in prayer for a long time about Godly friendships. That’s one of my prayers I need God to answer. Also my husband isn’t walking with the lord. I’ve already walked away from my marriage once because of this situation, I just don’t understand what else to do…because I am tired and him not walking with the lord and his mother and ex wife doing witchcraft against us makes it so hard that he doesn’t pray at all. His name is Ray please pray that God will grab hold to his heart or release me out of this marriage. Our kids are rebelling and acting out and I do believe it has something to do with him not being saved or training a child up in a way that they should go. Our finances are dried up. I have no money or no job. An I can’t work because we have two autistic kids…so I have to be home with them which is so hard on me, mentally physically spiritually and emotionally. I feel drained and so tired out. I don’t have friends either or a church home to attend. Everytime I tried to join a church my kids would get me kicked out due to their movements screams cries and yelling. One of them have changed, well I can say the both of them have changed, so now we need a fire spirit filled church home where we are accepted loved respected honored and not judged or criticized. I also need a money breakthrough really fast. We suffer not having enough to eat or take care of our daily challenges everyday. Thank you in advance for your prayers. Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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