by Leslie ()

Will you play for my mom and dad’s estate everything everybody thinks it’s because I want everything in the house and it’s not that my sister Kim has had control of Mom and Dad’s estate and she’s used in money their money to abusing prostitute her family members and my husband Steve were in one big drug set up also will you pray for the lice that I have I’ve had it for five for years I can’t get rid of it I believe it’s because of my husband sexual behavior pray that everything will come out the truth will come out the truth movie known I don’t know what to do but pray for all these diseases and and abuse how they wouldn’t give my mom or any of these people to help they needed this has been going on for years and years in our family one big joke set-up poisoning killing people for money for drugs they took a lot of mom’s stuff and Dad’s estate for this so they can’t get caught I really need per I need healing please help me

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