Equality at work

by Bennet (Temple, TX)

Dear Lord

I love my job and do it very well. But there are times that the treatment of some of the nurses are so unfair that it makes me want to cry.
I am one of them Lord, the bosses make rules and break the rules everyday, they have their favorites and those nurses get to do whatever they want and neglect the babies we take care of.
When I try to stand up for myself and others I am accused of yelling, I do not yell, but because the color of my skin or that I am not always in the office trying to laugh and joke or butter up.
Lord there are so many of us who are so sad at work please help us to tolerate the abuse and we pray for our abusers.
I am in trouble now Lord they are trying to find a way to fire me.
I do my best my Lord, I love these little babies fighting for their lives.
Only you can see the unfair treatment. Please my Lord make them stop

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