Enlighten my husband and watch over our family

by Claudine Mayer (Philippines)

My husband of 5 years but my partner of 15 years has always been challenged with his understanding of life, relationship and family. He has been unlucky with work and with two boys being raised, I’m sure he is unhappy with his role. I ask God and his angels, our family angel and our individual guardian angels to watch over him and each of us and enlighten each of us that in this borrowed life, we need to stand strong as a family unit and not let the evil ways get to us. I ask for His divine intervention to make us all realize that our family should always come first despite the trials of everyday living, conflicts with culture and upbringing and learn to look at the clear objective of honoring our wedding vows and being true to one another. His anger towards me is so ego-driven and comes without validation. Please enlighten his heart Lord and ensure that our children are instilled respect and love despite what we are going though right now.

I ask this in your name, Jesus. Amen.

Thank you,

Claudine , Philippines

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