Enemies at work

by Kim Bolling ()

Please pray for me. I am a Correction Officer I work for NYC Department of Correction on Rikers Island. Well on Nov. 4th I came back to work from my 2 days off to find my locker has been broken into. Who ever did this had took the time to buy another lock exactly like the one I had on my locker. They cut my lock and stole my hat piece shield along with the hat and pour bleach on my uniform. Then took the lock they had brought and put that lock on my locker. So when I came to work change into my uniform I when to put my key in the lock I couldn’t open my lock. The lock look exactly like my look. I had to call my Captain to send the Bolt Cutter to my location to cut the lock. An investigation is on the way. It’s a crime on DOC Property. I have an ideal who done this. I reported to the police department also. I believe the that the guy I use to see was involved with this. So please help me to pray for answers. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESSED.

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