End the Stalker/s

by Tess ()

Over 3 decades of being stalked has never been easy. Many times, I told myself it will stop, if I just keep ignoring them. It never did. It actually became worse. Wherever I live, wherever I work… At home, I’m always awaken with too much honking, same honk each day, wakes me up early (when I need more sleep), late at night when it’s hard to rest with the screening wheels of cars (starts only on my street and ends a block away, taking pictures of me, hacking my phone so I lose my internet connection and sending me apps I never installed so making a simple phone call will take me at least 10 minutes because of apps getting in the way, deleting my messages even before I get to listen to them (hearing the beep of erasing my message), my email address has the same phone number on my personal profile as the harassing incoming phone calls, and then when I step out at night, there are many cars always flashing lights on my face (this started back in 2005) I’ve had several residences since 2005, and even inside the buildings which are supposed to be for “women only ” such as the gym I’m still annoyed with women always undressing in front of me ( I should know the difference between what’s abnormal because. I’ve been going to the gym since I was 19, and these things only started last year, everyday, whichever gym location I go to. When I try to cross the street, though I’m already in the middle of the street, still won’t be able to cross because the stalkers cars are bumper to bumper in a relatively supposed to be not so busy street (I’ve walked to many times before this occured.
It’s extremely difficult for me that my life has been totally controlled by a “master-mind stalker” who MANIPULATES everyone of all ages, from teenagers to seniors (this is true as I continually experience it regularly) to continually annoy me. I need rest from all the ANNOYANCES so I can follow what God has put in my heart, my passion that until now has been elusive to me.
Due to the daily annoyances, it’s impossible to ignore, as I had tried all the many…. times in the past. I need a solution, and I pray hard… and my prayers are never answered. I don’t know of anybody who has to go through all these UNNECESSARY annoyances on a daily basis, I’m only a regular person and
not a celebrity at all to be stalked like this.
He lives in a different state since UCSF police traced the calls from the East Coast, I live in the Bay Area. We used to be classmates but that was long ago. He was never my boyfriend, I dropped from the PE class.

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