End of the World?

by Christian ()


As a person living with depression, I found it hard to live my life. For being an orphan growing in a marginalized sector, I have many dreams and aspirations in life. Last year, I got a summons and was invited for a hearing by our College Disciplinary Council of our University for alleged plagiarism because of my unfamiliarity with the APA Style. I will be expelled from the university and the program I worked hard for. Early this year, I got involved in a romantic relationship with a girl I thought understood me. Because of my psychosocial disabilities and depression, my anhedonic led me not to be responsive at times with her and tried breaking up with her. As a response, she talked to many of my classmates in the Master’s program (since we are in the same University) and slandered me to them.
One of our classmates reached out to me about it, and I confronted her thru chat. Then she posted many defamatory statements about me and even posted about my personal life and secrets on FB, all the things that I trusted her. I didn’t talk to her and was surprised that she filed a case against me psychologically abusing her. It is tough for me because many things are at stake, my work, licenses, etc. I have only my grandmother and me and might be losing all of those when something happened to me. I want to die now and didn’t see the light. I do not see if there are plans or hope for someone like me. I have been suffering throughout and do not know what to do. Since I have only my grandmother and me, chances are I might be leaving her alone, and she might not accept this condition that happened to me. Please pray for me. T_T Thank you.


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