Encouragement & Strenght & Weak

by Smith (Dallas)

Lord I come to you this morning with thanks, Lord I come to you this morning for prayer. I need strength because I am very weak. Lord there is things that is going on with me that I don’t understand and I am asking you to pray for me that I can just hold out and be strong in the mist of this trail. Lord I know you’ur near and I know you are by my side and I pray that you will be done. Love I ask you for forgiveness for all things that is not of you and Lord I thank you for all things in your name. Lord I ask you for prayer for my husband, there is some things that he is dealing with Thai I have know ideal of what’s going on. He is acting out in hate tress and I don’t understand why but God I ask you to give him strength and that he will find it in his heart for forgiveness and acknowledge him that I am his wife until death do us apart. Lord I am just merely asking you to pray for the both of us that we both may abide in you. Father again I thank you and I love you in for everything you have done and doing. Lord please pray for my mom in her illness right now and my family and to all you are in the need of prayer. Thank you and Amen.

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