by Latisha ()

Lord as I sit here this morning in my bed I pray you will continue to encourage me to pray through situations. The good and the bad times. Lord I ask for encouragement to stand strong during these tough times, my rent is late again my son tuition still needs to paid my car note is coming up again my lights might get cut off my gas I don’t want to think about cause it feels like I’m drowning no money to my bills on time and people not understanding my situation. Lord I ask for your encouragement to keep going keep praying keep my faith and belief in you father whom I trust and need in my life everyday. I pray for motivation to continue to follow your will. I pray you will motivate me to speak your word of encouragement and motivation unto those you place upon my life during my storm trails and tribulations. Lord make me more like you each and everyday . Help me to be strong in your word and your will. Lord bless my lips to speak your will over those pray over those whom you have set in my storm, my trails, and my tribulations. Lord continue to fill my heart full of love for your people. Lord I need you Lord I want you in my life. Lord keep me strong in your will doer of word and obedient to your task at hand. Lord let no temptation stop me from doing your work. Lord I am your servant I pray I serve you well even in my time of need. I pray and thank you for life today that I am able to speak call upon your name as I praise and worship you my father my King whom I shall serve all the days of my life. I pray in Jesus name, Amen

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