empty lost and confused

by Samantha (California)

…I humbly ask for help, for prayer. I’m 23 and on my own in the world. I lost my dad who was my rock…I dont have family nor friends to help me. We are being forced to move cause of family/court drama that happened few months ago. Due to it most of my family doesn’t speak to me anymore. We are moving to my spouses family’s place to get back on our feet and not to loose any of our belongings and animals (6 of them that we love and care for as if they were our children)… my partner and I are struggling with a huge amount of stress and anxiety thsts weighing on our shoulders . Have have been ill hearted towards each other which isnt normal. We have been glue together other for three years now but the third year has been really rocky, after I lost my dad to ALS.

I humbly ask from the bottom of my heart for prayer for strength , courage ,faith and prayer for lucky or things to become less stressful and hard on the both of us . Its tearing the both of us up inside .
Theirs been very rough thoughts in my mind and I try to stay positive as much as I can but I feel utterly alone. Nothing but bad things keep happening to me. Please I ask for any type of prayer. I believe in our lord Jesus our god . But I feel as if im being ignored . . Thank u for everything . God bless