Employment/A place of our own to live


My prayer request is for high paying decent employment. Its been 2 years. We have been homeless all We owned was stolen or auctioned off and I am tired of not having Christmas and Everyday functions at my own place for my children. One is changing in his beliefs as if God doesn’t work. Also I want to come in agreement to bind up hindrances and blocks in employment and finances. Cancel the assignment of the enemy in relationships and trying to cause confusion and division. I put a demand on recompense and pray restoration of all we have lost. I would finally like to be truly loved and cared for, protected etc. I’m tired of others who deliberately said and did things to break up my relationship and destroy my name with false accusations and chgs That are not true and no matter how I try to live and pray and do right its been nothing but years of suffering. I am confused. I pray for Gods miracle hand to move and Angels assigned to my requests to deliver it now from the spirit to the earth realm. Bind up demonic spirits and deliver me from evil. I pray this year starting this month Positive change is mine and restoration. Its my time. I’m next in line.

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