by Anusheel (New Zealand)

dear god,

i recently applied for a job and i got through to the interview stage. I gave it my all in hope of getting rewarded for what i displayed and prayed for. The decision is for to come tomorrow and the only thing i need is a “yes, you’ve been employed” from the employer. Through this job i can give my family retirement form all the struggles they’ve been facing for a long duration of time. Please, i have definitely never wanted anything so bad in my entire existence on planet earth. I have been through a lot in life, and i repeat “a lot”. This one opportunity would help in diverse ways, whether its focused on my family, myself or anything that relates to my character. Please, just bless me with this job, and i swear on my life and religion that i will make everyone so proud and i am assuring you god, that i promise, i wont let you down, please.

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