Employment and Direction

King of kings and Lord of lords … Father, I give honor and praise to You at all times. I know how I have been undeservedly blessed but now pray for employment to meet my responsibilities as the head of my household. I pray for revelation, direction and deliverance from the One that will truly … Continue reading “Employment and Direction”

Lord you are the way, the only true power

Lord you are the way, the only true power. I pray for employment to sustain my family and meet our financial goals. I pray for employment in which we can empower others and carry out your will. I pray for all of those seeking comfort and that they will find the light in Christ.

give us the nourishment and prosperity we need

I pray for husband, my husband who needs a job to fulfill our life and give us the nourishment and prosperity we need. Please guide him through the process in search of new employment through God’s perfect timing. Amen…

Please pray for me that I may be blessed with a job

Please pray for me that I may be blessed with a job. Not working has made me feel helpless and worthless even though I know I shouldn’t feel like this because i serve a living God. I have put effort into submitting applications and pray that I am successful.

Thank you Lord for always being there for us

Thank you Lord for always being there for us. During this hard time in my life, please help guide me and give me the strength and ability to find a job that I will be able to support my family. Please open the doors for a job opportunity soon.

Prayer to get job offer

Dear Lord, please help me to get this job. I have been asked to return for my third interview, this time to meet with HR. This company appears to be very strict when hiring people, when it time to make decisions involving a candidates credit. I have been on hard times, and my credit has … Continue reading “Prayer to get job offer”

Good desent Job for our Son with Training.

Our Son has not got the Campus selection. He is very sad and has not slept Properly. , we ask sincere prayers for him to get a decent Job and may his Faith become stronger. We ask this prayer in the name of the Lord. AMEN.

DearLord, i have do some mistakes in the past

DearLord, i have do some mistakes in the past and cause me to lost work opportunity. I hope i will be able to land a job before July 2017. Thank you lord and i also pray for protection over my family members.

Prayer that a suitable job will find me

Father Lord God I claim that you wil give what’s best for my family and me. You know the desire of my heart and if it’s your will so be it.I don’t know your plans for me right now but I completely trust in you. In the Mighty of the Lord. AMEN.

In need of profitable employment

Dear God, I am in need of profitable and growth opportunity employment. I need to take care of myself and family. I am behind in child support payments and need a quick solution to all these difficulties. I ask this in Jesus Christs name. Thank you God Jesus christ

I am in dire need of a very good job

Please agree with me in prayers. I am in dire need of a very good job. I have really tried applying to several companies all to no avail. I believe God to have mercy on me and bring to pass His promise of giving me the best job. Amen.

I’ve fallen so far behind on bills

I have lost my job and have always been fortunate to never have a problem finding another till now. I’ve fallen so far behind on bills. I’m not sleeping well and very stressed. I put it all in your hands Lord! Please help me help my little ones. I’m desperate

I am praying for pharmcist employment

I am praying for a pharmacist job in Oklahoma city. I need one soon. I contacted a pharmacy relief service but they may not have work for me for 2 or 3 months.please pray that I get a job soon. thank you-k

Not happy at my job and need a new one

I am not happy at my current job and need to find a job that can help support my family. I feel like a loser I have applied to so many jobs and either I don’t get called or the hours don’t work.

I need prayers for my daughter Kascidy

I need prayers for my daughter Kascidy to find a job in Austin where she is in a halfway house. She is trying hard. Prayer tonight for her interview at a salon receptionist

Lord I need you. Come rescue me.

Lord I need you. I need your peace. My heart is weary and burdened. Lord Jesus bless me and my husband with a good job this week. Restore all our losses and give us peace of mind. So we smile ones again. Amen

Prayer for offer letter

My Son Jas have been through all interviews and medicle check up with international airlines for a position of a Cadet Pilot. To date have not receive any offer letter yet. Need a quick positive answer from this airlines ASAP. Please pray for quick response.

I hope that your prayers work

I’ve been looking for a job now, for a while and i cant find any that are good. Sometimes i feel like giving because the days just keep on passing and theres usually people that put me down.I hope that your prayers work. Thanks