Lord I pray to you as I seek to get a permanent retail management job

Lord I pray to you as I seek to get a permanent retail management job at Gain Cash and Carry a wholesale outlet in my city of residence.I have the necessary qualifications and experience in retail management.I am a single mother and in debt and believe this job would help me

help him achieve all he was sent here on this earth to do

Please lord Jesus hear my prayer for my Son tomorrow…quite him and help him achieve all he was sent here on this earth to do…to share and better his fellow man…may his talent and your blessing help him tomorrow…thank you Jesus for your guidance along the way if every step.

I need post feedback for the job i applied for.

Praise Jesus! Please join me in prayer for a faster response from an employer. I did an interview two weeks back and last week i received a call that i was the preferred candidate. However, am still waiting for final call of confirmation. I need the process to speed up in Jesus Name. God bless.

Prayer need for employment and to get married

My name is stella peter mokiwa 31 years old. i have bachelor degree in regional development planning, Masters in international planning and sustainable development. I am now pursuing Mscs finance and investment

New Job in the city that my husband lives

To you all Lord I cry for mercy! Please grant me a new job in the city that my husband lives as soon as possible! I wish to wake up besides him everyday as we build the foundation of our marriage. Thank you Father for answering my prayer.

Prayer for employment opportunities

I need prayer regarding job opportunities. Am an experienced tax and financial audit consultant with over 6years experience. I lost my job late last year due to professional qualification and since then have not had any job fufilment. I need God intervene in my affair for job breakthrough this week. U

Looking for an Investor for farming

I have a piece of land. Need help in developing it for horticulture. Need to harness water from the river and drill a borehole. Thr Place needs fencing. So I want God to help me find an investor.

Employment in the healthcare field

I would like some prayers to get a break through and obtain a job that would provide financial stability for me and my family. I just had an interview today and I need God to intercede and allow me to fulfill my purpose.

Prayer for a well paid job

Lord Jesus Christ I have alot of financial distress n am in a financial crisis .lord please be my spiritual and financial provider for my needs. Lord open that door for that big heavy job opportunity this year of 2017.lord I promise to the needy. I thank you Lord for the gift of life

Prayer for a Better Job

Lord God in heaven, I pray for Wisdom, Courage and Patience as I look for another job and much better job to fulfill my needs mentally, spiritually and financially. HELP me oh God, to find a better job that would best suit my skills and knowledge, that I may use also my gifts and talents. … Continue reading “Prayer for a Better Job”

RN in need of a job!

I quit my job last year for two reasons; firstly my best friend became ill with cancer and needed help for doctors appointments..his house and dog. His family was not in touch. Secondly the job was getting tougher and my manager didn’t hear my cries for help. I felt abandoned after so many years of … Continue reading “RN in need of a job!”