Emotionally and spiritually paralyzed

by Casey (Kentucky)

Dear Lord,

I know your ways are not our ways. I know you only think good thoughts about me. I know you have written a bright future for me. I know you love me and will never abandon me. And I know I give you control over my life and I trust in you.
However, Father I’m struggling. I’m struggling to give you total control and I’m struggling to give you complete trust. I’m scared. Even though I know I shouldn’t be. My life just feels so foggy and unclear. Faith is in the unknown but the unknown is so scary. I know I shouldn’t feel this way but I feel like you have abondandrd me father, I feel like you have turned your back on me. Why did you allow me to get pregnant by a man who I thought loved me but in reality is lying and cheating on me. You closed the doors to all of my dreams, my goals, my future. Now I have no purpose, I have no future. I want my life to mean something, and right now I’m worth nothing. I’m so alone father. I’m so alone and scared. Lord I need you. I need your presence, your love, your reassurance, your confidence. Father please wrap your arms around me, fill me with comfort, peace, and joy. Holy Spirit guide me; guide me to trust God, to follow the right path, to be content with my life now, to dance and worship in this storm. Holy Spirit teach me to be strong, to be the mother by son needs me to be, to not lose myself in motherhood. Lord please send a community of people who will pour into me, who will love me and support me, and keep me on track with you. I love you father and will praise you in this storm. Amen.