Emotional Roller Coaster

by Bella (Bronx, New York, US)

I’m currently in a bad relationship. My boyfriend (May God forgive me I am not in love with) emotionally and verbally abuses me. I am currently without a job, no money and all my family lives in another state. I share an apartment with him, that yes he has been paying the bills but I cook, clean everyday and can bring food into the home sometimes. He calls me useless and always threatens to kick me into the shelter at any moment. I have looked hard for a job and I pray and give thanks everyday but I guess it Is still not my time. I want to find a good job, repair my life, change my life, find my own home and live happily alone. Please pray for me to get out of this bind. Teach me the right words to pray to ask the lord to release me of this pain.

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