Emotional healing of my prodigal

by Elisabeth ()

I worry daily about my prodigal daughter. She has made detrimental decisions that influence her health and is not informed about the consequences. She does not listen to me. I have always prayed for her and now even more. She suffers from unhealed traumas in childhood and believes she can heal her sense of loss, anxiety and depression and guilt by becoming someone else, a boy. What happened when she was very young was traumatic and hard and painful also for me. But what she does now is no solution. It is selfharm. She has not been happy and herself since 2016. She has been influenced by ungodly people and I worry about her health and salvation She has become obnoxius. Selfcentred. Ungrateful. Angry. And almost never tells the truth. She is deceptive and manipulative. I cry every day for her. She was the most beautiful and gifted girl and kind person and never said a word growing up about being a boy or wanting to. She saw a psychiatrist after attempting suicide at 13 and was hospitalized for 6 month. Therapist said she was too traumatized by her own sickness and almost dying and losing her father and grandfather. But too vulnerable to be treated at this stage and it would have to wait until she became more mature. No word about dysphoria of any kind. But growing up she had relationships with boys that were hurtful and rejecting. I do not understand what to do as everything I say or do is wrong. It is like she hates me and wants to put me down. No respect. But she wants my support. I stand on God’s word and try to be loving. But I no longer know who she is. I am at the end of my rope as a mother. She needs God and forgiveness and to lose her hatred of herself due to guilt. Please pray for her healing.and salvation. Elisabeth

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